A strange thing happens when I fall in love.  I open the door to one man and a rowdy gang of other men try busting in behind him.  As soon as I am brave enough to declare my love every ideal man in the world makes himself available.   It takes the constitution of a saint to just say, “I’m sorry but I am dating someone right now.  I can’t give you my number, I am flattered but NO!”

So, after breakfast at Cecconi with the Brits in LA I am dog walking up Robertson in my cap and coat and a fine young man stops me and we make small talk about his dog and then we talk about mine and I am wondering at what point he will ask that question.  The question that leads to another meeting-or worse..a hook up.

I am thinking to myself how I might politely turn him down.   How falsely I will smile as I tell him how flattered I am and how hard I am going to kick myself when I walk away without giving him my number.

The truth is-I am falling in love and that may come as surprise to some of you because I have not been writing about it nor have I mentioned him particularly like that.  I am falling in love with a swarthy New Yorker who makes my heart sing whenever I am with him.  Yet, I fear, he can never be the man.  The great dark man.

I can’t concentrate.  I can’t make sense of my day when I know he is in NYC waiting for me.  I tell him that I love him like a dog.  I am not IN love because that is too soon.  I love him like the little dog.

The problem with falling in love is falling out of love.  For as suddenly as I love him I can also no longer love him and the train rolls on by.

“Into love, and out again, Thus I went, and thus I go. Spare your voice, and hold your pen — Well and bitterly I know All the songs were ever sung, All the words were ever said; Could it be, when I was young, Some one dropped me on my head?”

Dorothy Parker