Can one of you please explain to me why American’s hate Natalie Denise Suleman- more commonly known as Octomum-so violently?

I don’t get it.  Does her fecund nature offend you?  Her fetal abundance?  Of course, her ability to produce that many children in so many cultures in other times would be applauded.  Here, however, helpful ‘Christian’ women threaten her that if she refuses to do things their way she risks having her children removed from her.  Ripped from her breast like so many Inuit children were in the middle part of the last century.

I can think of far worse circumstances where children are allowed to fester unaided.

There is a meanness of spirit, a petty mindedness and an unfathomable desire to remove from this woman something that obviously makes her very happy.

There are many myths that surround Octomum, the worst being that she remains on welfare.  This, from what I can gather, is no longer true but even if it was..What of it?

My friends say that she is selfish and selfish seems to be the word that is most often leveled at Natalie.  Yet, isn’t having a child always selfish-and also extraordinarily selfless?  The issues seems to be, for many, money and responsibility.  Natalie is also, they say, irresponsible.

Well if only we could take children away from their mothers based on irresponsibility and selfishness-there would be millions of orphans.  Millions and millions.

While other women are waiting for the perfect moment in their career and financial security to have a child they often miss the boat.   Natalie just didn’t seem to give a damn.  She was going to have those babies and nothing was going to stop her.  Even though, it turns out,  she did not expect even 50% of the embryos to take.

Sadly, many modern couples are faced with an inability to naturally produce children.  Either they have waited too long placing their career above starting a family or they simply can’t get pregnant.   In about 15% of cases an infertility investigation will show no abnormalities.

“It’s becoming more and more important, in terms of what studies we do, to focus our efforts on the physiological effects of stress and how they may play a role in conception,” says Margareta D. Pisarska, MD, co-director of Center for Reproductive Medicine at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and editor-in-chief of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine News.

There must be a certain jealousy surrounding Octomum, her effortless ability to not only produce but also to singlehandedly raise and provide for so many children causes consternation amongst married couples that find it almost impossible to raise even one child.

My initial disgust, since rationalized, was for the doctor who implanted so many embryos inside Natalie or that the science for helping the desperate, infertile couple had somehow been skewed to provide one woman a meal ticket, publicity and children for all the wrong reasons.

Now, whenever I am forced to think about Octomum, I think about her growing tribe of children who will, undoubtedly, learn to love and support each other in such a way as only a large family can.  I am envious that I did not grow up with my 11 brothers and sisters, as Natalie’s children will.  My gentle envy, unlike the rampant jealous hatred of her many detractors, does not make me want to break open her life and steal what is hers.  Regardless of how I might have felt then I now wish her all the best.

“Jealousy is always born with love; it does not always die with it.”