Roque couldn’t meet me in the morning so went for a brisk walk down the Bowery in the cold wind.  I walked to my barber on Rivington St but he and his wife have moved to LA.  That, as we say in England, is a ‘result’.

Dogs do not, initially, like cold wind but get used to it after a bit and scamper along happily.  The Little Dog has become very grumpy of late, he shouts at bicycles, motor bikes and skateboards and I am sad to say-the morbidly obese.

It would be easy for me to take issue with everything in the world just like the little dog but I really don’t have the energy.  Again, this is exactly why I don’t have a TV-it just irritates me.  This morning Dan had his TV bleating whilst I was trying to write and Michael Steele was boasting about how much money he had in the bank.  Why would the chairman of the Republican party be boasting about that?

One of the greatest lessons I have learned during the past few years from my elderly friend ‘Coach’ (79 years old) is how to deal with negativity.  He says, “Don’t take things personally, even when they’re meant personally.”   It’s great advice.  I am rarely rattled by personal insults or attacks and my belief in God keeps me safe from those who want me to know how much they disapprove of me or my lifestyle.

Hanging around the rooms of AA for many years has taught me so much.  Mostly how to grow old with dignity, to understand the rigors of getting old.  I used to fear infirmity but I am at peace with that too and whatever time may bring.  Old age will hopefully come to us all.  I know that many fear it-and they have every good reason.  We do not treat the elderly with any great respect.

My mother never allowed my Grandmother to go into a home and visited her every day until she died age 96.  Thank God for free health care as the poor woman spent the last 6 months of her life in hospital after a massive stroke.

Perhaps my mother would have made different decisions about my Grandmother’s life if she’d have had to think about how much keeping her own mother alive would cost.

If keeping my grandmother alive would have bankrupted my mother would she have pulled the plug?

Free health care, affordable education.   Human rights.   Not privileges.

The book deal that I came here to sign has been moved forward to Tuesday.

Lunch with Joan, Alexi and Dan at Café Cluny.  Lots of fun.  Bought a pair of shoes in the 70% off sale at Marc Jacobs.   The sales guy in the store was so beautiful I told him that he was breaking the law.  How can being that beautiful not be illegal?

Last night Dan and boyfriend Eric took me to an avant gard happening in the West Village that was, rather annoyingly, a pretentious load of old tosh.  We stayed for the first half and left.  Took a cab to Joe’s Pub where we met the gorgeous Lady Rizo.

Ate dinner with Lady Rizo and others at Bowery bar,  my burger was very poorly executed, then headed over to DUMBO to see her perform at Galapagos.  She really is a remarkable performer.

In bed by 2.30am.  A perfectly lovely evening.