Well, ask and you will receive!  My night with Levi Johnston (and Tank).  Also met Clint Eastwood who complimented my cowboy hat but thought my scarf looked like a tablecloth.  The woman in the picture is my great love Sharon Swart from Variety.   I had a blast.  Wish it had been bright enough to take more pictures.  EVERYONE in Hollywood was there.  Perfect night.  Quentin Tarantino (difficult to talk to), Eli Roth, the cute girl from V.  Endless other agents, producers, James Franco‘s lil brother Dave Franco.   Left at 11.30 in bed by midnight up at 5 for radio tour for Sex Rehab.  This is why we move to Hollywood right?  To meet a legend like Clint?  To hang out with him on a sofa at a party and learn about what was.  My Levi infatuation is over now. It was fun whilst it lasted.  I mean!  It was great.  He has meaty arms and a sweet smile.  Here I go again..whoa.