Complicated past few days.  Trannies.  Dog bites.  Shady friends.  Shady tenants in Malibu house.  Gardeners who do half of what is agreed then expect the full amount to be paid. Why do they do that?

Todd’s dog bites uninvited friend of friend in house and worries about insurance.  Calls 50 friends for advice.  Finds suppositories in friend’s wash bag.  What a fucking BORE.

Breakfast and partial lunch at Chateau.  Breakfast with a British writer who wants to write about child abuse.  He also advises minor members of the Royal Family on how to become celebrities.  I have no truck with British aristotrash-however broken they are.  I simply don’t trust them.   He could have been a journalist or worse special branch-our FBI/CIA.  He bought me huevo rancheros for breakfast.   Stuck around the hotel for 12.30 partial lunch appointment with Israeli addiction specialist-far more interesting than the British man with an uncertain novel.

Thrilled by this: I am going to meet Levi Johnston tonight at GQ man of the year party.  Will post pics if I can get them.  Fuck Clint Eastwood, Paul Rudd and the Hangover boys.  I am gonna meet my Pricilla from Wassilla.  Just try stopping me.

Trannies, stolen cars, straight men who like it hard up the shitter.  These are a few of my favorite things.  Actually not but this is what happened:   Drunk straight man ‘friend’ of ours picks up tranny who fucks him then steals his car.  LMAO!!  Reminds me of a film by John Walters.

Luna has been house trained but still bites holes in the truck upholstery.  Any ideas how to stop her chewing?  I may have to put a big bone in the car.  Two big bones.  One for each dog.

Lunch with Dan at Pali House.  ok steak.  Not great.

Must choose outfit for tonight.  Dior I think.